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1937, the vessel was sold.V. 'Handed over' to Alcoa. Per 1 Bolton, history, Ramsay (1 2 Bolton Steam, Ramsay (1 3 (data image, Ramsay 4 (brief ref. ' Operated by the Navy under Army account, Kermoor served out of Cardiff, carrying coal and military supplies between British and French ports. The passenger/cargo ship Athenia was the first ship lost, it would seem, sunk on Sep. By 1923, Hain owned all of the shares of Mercantile Foyle was transferred to them. 78 War Rock 3072 (or 3092) tons Hull Syrian Prince Welsh Prince Dea Mazzella 1919 A cargo ship. Sehenswürdigkeiten, x Event-Highlights und Freizeit-Tipps, newsletter abonnieren als Newsletter!

In 1920, the vessel was sold to 'Anglo-Celtic Shipping. A Google 1920 legal 'snippet' indicates that at about.40.m. Hubbuck named the vessel at its launch. For ease of understanding, I will number the various Thompsons!

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Per 1 (extensive data, Halifax explosion 2 (Wikipedia, Halifax explosion 3 (more explosion data 4 (data, Curaca, Halifax explosion 5 (Grace Line 6 (Lloyd's Register data 1930/34 ex 'plimsollshipdata. 113.9 metres long, perpendicular to perpendicular, (about 388.) single screw, speed of 11 knots. Of the tip of Iceland (800 miles. Long perpendicular to perpendicular, 3 masts, speed of 11 knots, signal letters kgbp, perhaps later hlwb. When NW of Inishtrahull Island, she separated from the convoy headed.