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chapters, arranged into four seasons. Meanwhile, Rusty runs into Jen. Despite all the cheating and tension, Evan lavalieres Casey (gives her his Greek letters). Casey worries that her geeky boyfriend, Max may jeopardize her presidency campaign, but she later realizes that she cares more about Max than his reputation (unlike Evan). Rebecca accidentally leaves a candle burning, causing the Gamma Psi house to burn down. Meanwhile, Casey attempts to move on from Evan multiple times, all of which were unsuccessful. After reading all these comments you must think, damn, how do Swedish men and women mate and have lots of babies? . Jacob Zachar as Rusty Cartwright, or "Spitter" A classic nerd who comes to CRU to be in the Honors Engineering Program. As a result, Evan and Casey break.

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Chapter Six The Complete Fourth and Final Season October 18, 2011 TBA TBA 10 Looking Back at Greek with the Cast, A Study Break with Aaron Hill Beaver Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Series Finale, A Very Special Q A References edit a b Patrick Sean. Swedish girls are everything what you fantasize about. Cappie eventually becomes Rusty's "big brother" and introduces him to the rowdy Kappa Tau lifestyle. Kappa Tau Gamma Kappa Tau The " black sheep " of the CRU Greeks based heavily on partying. In season one, he is a freshman who decides to go Greek like his older sister Casey, hoping that it will make him cooler and more confident.