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recover HP in combat. Feeling closer to them now that they knew what she had suffered, she promised to protect them and bear their burdens with them, as they had done for her ever since they first met in Aincrad. Explorer of Illusory Mists Edit This section is missing some information. During the conversation, you'll see various options to lean closer, move away, nod, or shake your head. Vrmmo ) game, called, sword Art: Origin, which is based on the servers for the original. Treasuring all of them, she articulated her desire to continue growing even closer to them, Kirito sharing her sentiments. Hollow Realization was released on October 27, 2016 in Japan, 1 and on November 8, 2016 for North American and European territories. DPS (Onslaught) - attributes are as follows: Def 96 / Str 35 / Dex 25 / Numb Res 10 / Blood Res 10 / CRT 10 / SS Damage.

Yui then timidly confessed her love for him, before running away and challenging Kirito to catch her if he wanted her to repeat her confession. After enthusiastically recalling all the fun she had with him and the others in Sword Art: Origin, Yuuki vowed to continue accompanying Kirito and the others on their upcoming travels. 4 5, while, hF is played like a role-playing game and, lS like an action role-playing game, HR is based on HF 's style, but with action elements integrated. takes place on an even lower floor in the incomplete Aincrad, in the Northazrod Tundra, and is focused on working alongside Tia and earning her trust.

Private Chats, private chats can be triggered if your Friendship rank is at least LV3. A b c Romano, Sal. Sinon's Ending Edit Walking to a hill overlooking a vast expanse of land, Sinon was enjoying the breeze when Kirito joined her, to her surprise. This article is missing some information. is focused on uncovering the mystery behind a Masked NPC just one Floor below the Stalvatos Ruins, in the Vulcanus Citadel.