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when needed, but doesn't let him in on the secret of Sam's possession when he learns that the angel possessing Sam is not Ezekiel and turns to Kevin for help in suppressing the angel. This act would come to haunt Azazel when, in their final confrontation at Wyoming, Azazel intended to kill Dean using the Colt, only for John's spirit to distract him long enough for Dean to retrieve the Colt and shoot him in the chest, killing the. After Henry reads John Winchester's Journal, he tries to undo his mistake and traveled back to his son. Dean and Castiel - Dean and Castiel's Relationship. Rather than killing Amara, Dean is able to get her to finally reconcile with her brother and end her long-standing grudge against him. Dean learned he was a descendant of Cain from Michael. Despite Sam's insistence that Gadreel is their one chance to beat Metatron, Dean shows no remorse for his actions. Ketch taunts Dean while he beats on the injured hunter.

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Designated Survivor deserves a third season, and ABC needs to hear it by Ryan Mekkes. Theres no telling what he has planned but it cant be good. However, he first meets Cain while hunting for the First Blade and was shocked to hear he was alive. Despite this, Dean was willing, albeit reluctantly, to hear Metatron out when he called them about God's autobiography. I don't fully understand what's going on here.

Supernatural, Girls, Girls, Girls, Sam finds out that. Dean had a Tinder-like dating application. Somehow, witches configure into this dating app idea, as does the idea of selling people.

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