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Cheesecake Warehouse, when Reuben says to Sam, "Wow, you can make a dog bark faster than a fish can climb a tree Gibby responds with "True Dat!" According to Sam's blog which translates what Reuben is saying, "You can make a dog bark. Seidman, Robert (March 9, 2010). Oklahoma, Leverage, Design Sta. IBattle Chip When Gibby saw his destroyed phaser on the ground, the camera zoomed in on Sam's face, and she looked very upset and disturbed, probably because she was worried about Gibby, hinting that she truly does care about him. He then tells her, "They were working just fine until you man-handled them!" When Gibby is about to put on a new pair of underwear in front of his classmates, Carly stops him. Gibby didn't seem mad at Sam for breaking his locker. Sam only talks to Gibby, but doesn't really talk to anyone else in her dream.

Sam barks at Gibby to "push like a man" when they're moving Principal Franklin's bureau in front of the closet door to trap Briggs and Howard inside. Gibby was very impressed with strei in der kennenlernphase dating Sam's make-up. In Eating Meatloaf: The Music Video Sam sleeps with her head on Gibby's shoulder and her hand on his knee. Gibby looks upset because of this. Written by HugsandBugsSmileyface iThink I Like Him - Sam Puckett didn't want to admit she liked Gibby Gibson. Gibby likes it when Sam announces over the intercom that "the meatballs are in the sauce." When Gorman is riding the bull, Sam and Gibby give each other happy looks, smiling at each other and laughing, even though Gibby is behind Sam, making this difficult. Sam trains Gibby since she wants him to beat Freddie in their upcoming fight.

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