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by Koji Suzuki features Sadako Yamamura as one. They're one of the cases where it's very hard to tell whether things like Sleep Cute are meant as moments of Like Brother and Sister or as Ship Tease. Also, whenever trouble occurs, Lydia's first instinct is to find Scott. Date Peepers : In the last episode, Yuuichi and Mai are about to kiss when Mai withdraws, having noticed Shiho, Akane, Kazuya, Aoi and Chie Deconstruction : The series could be considered a deconstruction of the Magical Girl genre. It doesn't stop Shipping Fan Fics, however. They're very brief, but you can see them. Conspicuously Light Patch Continuity Cameo : Nina Wang is a member of Mai's class but is named "Chun Mei" in this series. Mikoto jumps in and does it for Mai.

This trope has become insanely popular in Western media recently, while has been a staple in Asian media for a long time. Kiernan in the Dreaming. It's implied they still keep in contact after they go their separate ways between the events of Trials and Tribulations and Apollo Justice.

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There's some fandom discussion about this on the discussion page. Apparently the case with Ikuko and Tooya Hachij in Umineko When They Cry. She gets better though. For a moment, appears to about to succeed in trash-talking a HiME into submission while held at swordpoint by said HiME. She was aiming for Yatagarasu, Shiho's child that had attacked Mai earlier, but her conditioning took over and caused her to attack the first thing she saw, which unfortunately happened to be Gennai. Non-Action Guy : Yuuichi, a former kendo expert who had to give up his sport due to an injury. Dummied Out dialogue implies that at one point he was to be a love interest though.