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Amongst others, he gave the satrapy of Susiana to Antigonus, and the satrapy of Babylon to Seleucus ; and he appointed his own son Cassander to be chiliarch. His friends considered him worthy of the royal 30 title, among them the Rhodians, because they expected that the aggrandisement of Antigonus would be oppressive to them, 35 but they they believed that Ptolemy would stay within his realm hegemonia and in no way would. Having defeated him in two battles and taken him prisoner, he hanged him and reinstated Eumenes. Jacoby compares this with Fr_1'4.

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"Socialmatch" heißt die Alternative, bei der man sich rund um das eigentlich biedere Brettspiel entspannt kennenlernen kann. Antipater, with the kings and the rest of his forces, pretended to be going to cross over into Macedonia, but the army again mutinied and demanded their pay. And thence the miners transported the gold into Judaea. Das Spiel wurde eigens für dieses Event entwickelt. From then to the founding of Ionia, its dating is unsure though sixty years; 1044/3.C. Therefore, he Ptolemy troubled Antigonus, but he was (?) useful to the people. (see, diodorus,.76'6 ). And from then to the protectorate of Lycurgus, a hundred and fifty-nine years; 885/4.C.

10 But when Eumenes saw that the Macedonians were holding their line of shields tightly together and remained stout-hearted enough to face any danger, then he sent Xennias, a man who could speak like a native Macedonian, 20 with instructions to tell them that Eumenes. At the same time, they began to despise Antipater, 20 because although he brought with him much larger and stronger forces to contend the war, after he set up camp near to their enemies he was unable to offer any assistance to his allies.