dating as a feminist

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14 Things You Should Know Before Dating a Feminist

dating as a feminist

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Lets say you date a feminist and they turn out to be a shitty person. Or rather, I panicked. Little did I know the inability to accept anything from a man, including love, would become a bigger problem. This is actually good advice for any relationship, but I think its particularly applicable to feminists who have to constantly deal with harassment for standing up for the causes they care about. Dating a feminist can be awesome. And please, please, please, dont blame your partner. They could hurt you. Ive come a long, long way since the ensuing years of tense serial monogamy in my 20s, and have far. I left this boy stranded at a school dance where he knew no one but. And I was sure as shit not going to let any of them hurt. Its absolutely not the victim of harassment who is at fault. Ask yourself if what youre doing or saying really aligns with your values.

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