dating a married man

a tricky affair, because there are as many motives as there are personalities. It is made public with the expectation that all members of society will respect the relationship and the boundaries that it sets. He wont give you his home number (call me on my cell tell you where he works (in case you decide to drop by for a surprise visit) or give you his real e-mail address. This in itself can be a motivating factor by both parties to keep it going.

You on the other hand have no immediate option available to you, making you that bit more dependent on him. He holds the power: The fact is that if you disrespect him or treat him badly, it'll be very easy for him to leave you because he has his wives arms to run straight into. Their mindset is still focused on pre-historic times when males needed to hunt and look for prey; if theres a willing victim, why pass up the chance? It doesnt matter how good the sex he gets from you is either.

You may take this as a commitment of some sort to their being a future between you both. Instead, keep yourself open and available for someone who will commit to you while offering you the exclusive love hausfrau sucht man sex you desire and deserve. It doesnt matter what he promises. Simply put, although there are instances where a married man leaves his wife and marries his mistress, rarely are the new husband and wife able to wholeheartedly trust the other. Time is the one thing that can't be regained once it has passed. Varietys the spice of life.

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